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If you're a teacher or
someone who appreciates them,
 you're in the right place!

Thank you, teachers!


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If you're a teacher
or someone who appreciates them,
you're in the right place!

The TFC community celebrates teachers' impact and promotes wellbeing for educators and fans.

Thank you, teachers!

We're your biggest fans.

One Giant Gratitude Intervention
(with a side of learning!)

Listen in as fans share inspiring stories of their impactful teachers and shower them in appreciation. Along the way we'll learn from special guests, uncovering powerful wellbeing practices relevant to educators and fans alike. 


Celebrate a Teacher

Well Ed

Celebrate a Teacher in Your Life and Connect with the Teacher Fan Club Community

Nominate an impactful teacher to be showcased on the podcast or on our featured teacher shout-outs, and join the fan club community - we strive to share relevant wellbeing topics for all.

Wellbeing Services, Resources, and Collaborative Community

Well Ed is on a mission to co-create lasting ripple effects of wellbeing across school communities through science-backed collaboration. Join our community of wellbeing advocates in education!

The way we talk about, value, and support teachers (and ourselves, as teachers) matters. 

Connecting to our 'why' and our impact is powerful.

Expressing gratitude benefits
both the giver and receiver.

Prioritizing teachers' wellbeing creates positive ripple effects in education and beyond.

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Armenta & Lyubominsky

Gratitude is an untapped source of energy and inspiration in our school communities. Learn more about the pro-social behaviours that are correlated with gratitude in How Gratitude Motivates Us to Become Better People.

"Gratitude is not just a pleasant, passive emotion but rather an activating, energizing force that may lead us to pursue our goals and become better, more socially engaged people."

Jeff Huffman

Gratitude is like a multivitamin-- it can benefit multiple dimensions of our health and wellbeing. Learn more about the research in
Is Gratitude Good for Your Health?

"There is growing evidence that being grateful may not only bring good feelings. It could lead to better health."