From a companion app that brings podcast episodes to life, to 1:1 wellbeing coaching and teacher gratitude and gifting, explore TFC's range of opportunities below:

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wellbeing coaching and collaboration

 TFC will soon beta-test a podcast companion to help you learn and LIVE practices from select episodes in your everyday life.

Access 1:1 wellbeing coaching or a collaborative community and science-backed resource hub for wellbeing in schools.

Have an impactful teacher to thank from your own life or your kids' ? Simplify and customize a meaningful approach.

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beta-test a free wellbeing app

podcast companion

At TFC we're excited to partner with Uvita to offer you an opportunity to bring episodes to life in your everyday world - to go from learning to LIVING the wellbeing topics and practices we explore with guests.

We are beta-testing a unique Podcast Companion app that provides prompts, practices, and nudges designed by experts to foster positive behavioural changes.

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1:1 Coaching & whole
school wellbeing

TFC co-founder/host, Dana Fulwiler Volk is also a positive psychology practitioner and coach with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Visit to learn more about her other projects!

Through Well Ed, Dana offers 1:1 and school wellbeing coaching and a virtual hub of science-backed resources, applying her expertise in education and individual and organizational wellbeing science. 

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WORK WITH elizabeth

Weight-neutral approaches in schools

TFC co-founder/host, Elizabeth Tingle offers consulting, speaking, and professional learning on weight-neutral approaches to wellbeing in the school setting. Informed by her research that prioritizes positive approaches to food, movement, and bodies, her work seeks to promote body acceptance and prevent body image distress and eating disorders. 

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Thank a teacher!

Teacher gratitude

Think of a teacher who has made (or is making) an impact on your (or your child's) life.
  • Did they help you or your child feel seen, valued, supported, or inspired? 
  • What stories come to mind? 
  • What strengths of theirs do you most admire and appreciate?
  • In what ways have they impacted your life?

As teachers ourselves, we've experienced the meaningful boost that happens when a student or parent (former or current!) reaches out to express their gratitude, in any form.

TFC is working on a variety of ways to support families and colleagues in showering impactful educators with appreciation. Gratitude can be expressed in many meaningful ways.

Currently, we invite listeners to record a gratitude shout-out that we will feature on the Teacher Fan Club podcast: 

gratitude shout-out

the TFC shop

Gratitude is free, easy, and accessible - gift items are not ever necessary - words are a gift!

And, if gift-giving is your thing (to others and to yourself ;)), it can also be fun to find and deliver a meaningful item! Check out TFC's Shop below - more items and services coming soon 👇. 

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Thank you!

TFC was launched out of a genuine desire to celebrate and support educators and  their fans. 

Thank you for being here, for listening to the podcast, and for the work YOU do in the world. Whether you're a teacher or a fan, if you're reading this, you are making a difference. You matter and you are appreciated.

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