thank a teacher this june!

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the wellbeing podcast for celebrating and supporting educators and their fans

Teacher Fan Club celebrates teachers' impact and promotes wellbeing for educators and fans. Episodes focus on wellbeing topics and gratitude-giving. Topics are relevant to ALL members of a school community!


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hello! we're your co-hosts

We started TFC during the pandemic to help celebrate and support educators (and their fans!) - check out our About Page or TFC's Trailer Episode to learn more about us, our teaching backgrounds, and our hopes and intentions for TFC. 

Thanks for being here and joining a crew of super-teacher fans! 


I have benefited from the wisdom, compassion and generosity shared by Dana and Elizabeth and the guests they feature. What they share and put out into this world is so positive and hopeful... I have found the podcast to be so helpful and inspiring...

I listened to the TFC episode about summer break ... and it was a perspective shift that I needed - thank you!

- Melissa H., Teacher