Parent Partners in Fostering Positive Relationships with Food & Body

Episode 19

Amy Shmyr and Elizabeth Fraser are both registered dietitians who work with Alberta Health Services. In their roles as public health dietitians, they both work in a variety of community settings including schools. In this conversation, Amy and Elizabeth share how parents can support their children in developing a positive and healthy relationship with food in partnership with schools. We cover why it’s important to approach food and bodies from a weight-neutral perspective, and how to handle some of those issues that can come up when feeding children and teaching them to become more independent in their food choices. As well, Amy and Elizabeth discuss how to approach and encourage physical activity. Finally, we talk about how to handle weight-based bullying and other body related comments that can happen in the school setting, and how body image concerns may present in young people.





Show Notes
& Resources

Alberta Health Services: Feeding and Eating

Eating disorder supports (recommend by AHS Eating Disorder Lead):

Nurturing Healthy Eaters (ODPH)

UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy & Health: resources for parents on weight bias

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