WNW Series: Exploring Weight-Neutral Wellbeing with TFC hosts + Dr. Sarah Nutter
and Dr. Jessica Saunders

Episode 6

This episode is the first in our mini-series on weight-neutral wellbeing (WNW). Elizabeth Tingle and Dana Fulwiler discuss why weight-neutral approaches to health and wellbeing are ideal for every body in the school context. In this episode, we also talk with guest experts Dr. Sarah Nutter and Dr. Jessica Saunders about their respective research on weight bias and eating disorders. Dr. Nutter is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies faculty at the University of Victoria. Dr. Saunders is a feminist trained developmental psychologist and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at Clark University.





Show Notes
& Resources

- Learn more about the work of Dr. Sarah Nutter and Dr. Jessica Saunders

- Lindo Bacon's book Health at Every Size and other resources.

- Books from Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch on Intuitive Eating.

- Amelia and Emily Nagoski's book Burnout.

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